The WesternGorilla.org started as a network of researchers and conservationists committed to ensuring the survival of western gorillas. Most of its members are currently working in all the major western gorilla research and conservation sites across Central Africa, and together possess unparalleled insight into the threats faced by western gorillas in the wild.

The WesternGorilla.org was launched (as westerngorilla.org) with support by a grant from the US Fish & Wildlife Service’s Great Ape Conservation Fund.

Western-gorilla.org believes that conservation efforts often do not address the cause of the major decline in western gorilla populations, the commercial trade in bushmeat. Efforts to conserve the western gorilla should place greater emphasis on law enforcement. In the longer term gorilla conservation should focus on creating a network of effectively managed protected areas funded through sustainable mechanisms such as trust funds.

Without this, there is a very real chance that the western gorilla could be extinct within 20 years.