Research & Assistance

Research & Technical Assistance is a volunteer organization made up entirely of gorilla field researchers. To this point, everything we are doing (including this website) has been done by our members. However, we are just not capable of handling everything that needs to be done. We are trying to raise the money to hire a fulltime coordinator, but it is likely to be on the order of six months before this person comes online. In the interim we particularly need help on two fronts, research and internet technical assistance. A listing of our needs is given below. If you have the time and inclination to help, please contact us at:

Tech Needs

Bulletin Boards & Listserves: We would like to act as a clearinghouse for information on Western gorilla conservation. To this end we would like to set up several bulletin boards and listserves.

Web Design: As is probably evident, this web page was a first time effort. Over the next few months, we anticipate the need to add a variety of new features to the site.

Research Projects

Grant & Fellowship Sources: We would like to assist those interested in working on Western gorilla projects by compiling a list of grant and fellowship sources and associated application materials. This can be done largely through internet search but some telephone or snailmail correspondence may be required.

List of Political Representatives: We would like to compile a geographically specific list of congressional representatives that can be provided to the members of the public interested in lobbying for legislation that will support gorillas conservation.

Law Enforcement: We would like to compile a list of military and civilian law enforcement organizations that may be interested in getting involved in law enforcement and training in Central Africa. We would welcome contact from members of the US and European law enforcement community who would be interested in participating in Western gorilla conservation.