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Protect Your Website Against Google Penguin Penalty

Phoenix-SEOA couple of years ago, black hat marketers had a field day, pushing up the SERPs (search engine rank positions) of bogus websites by pointing thousands of backlinks to them from low quality link networks with the help of automated software. You might not believe it, but there were cases where new websites, with no content on them, ranked higher than reputable websites, on search engine results for specific keywords and key phrases. Owners of online businesses who spent years of hard work to promote their websites suddenly noticed a drop in their website’s SERPs. Based on the complaints of several webmasters, the spam department of Google, the search engine behemoth, introduced Penguin, an algorithm that determined the rankings of a website by the quality of its contents rather than the number of links pointing towards it (inbound links). If your website did get hit with a Penguin penalty, the best Phoenix SEO can help with your recovery.

When and why
Launched on April 24th, 2012, this algorithm started penalizing dubious websites. Owners of websites, trapped by the Google Penguin penalty, found a massive decline in the page ranking of their websites. The anti-spam team of Google went to the extent of removing many websites from their search engine’s index. Used properly, inbound links still play an important role in pushing the rankings of a website. Wikipedia is a prime example of this. Though certain reputable websites suffered because of Google Penguin penalty, many were able to regain their page rankings in a few weeks.

How to avoid the penalty
You should avoid promoting your website by purchasing links since they do not have any authority or value. Avoid commenting in blogs and including backlinks to your website through them, unless the contents of that blog relate to the products and services promoted by your website. It is better to enhance the authority of your website by including a blog on it and updating it with useful content on a regular basis. This plays a massive role when visitors, seeking information on a different site, follow a backlink to your website and find relevant information on it. Once your website has achieved a decent ranking, you can exchange links with branded and relevant websites. A qualified Ahwatukee marketing consultant can help with your back-linking.

What to do to get out of the Google Penguin penalty
Use the `disavow’ tool provided by Google if the Penguin algorithm has targeted your website. Upload a file containing all the dubious incoming links you want to disavow. Incorporate the rich content and link building methods mentioned above. It will take some time before you notice an increase in the SERPs of your website. Google is constantly updating this specific algorithm, making it impossible for users to enhance the ranking of their website through illegal inbound links.