Ebo/Ndokbou Complex

The Ebo/Ndokbou forest is one of the largest intact forests remaining in Cameroon. Stretching over 2,500 km2 and ranging in elevation from below 100 to well over 1000 m, it consists of a series of steep valleys with rocky outcrops.

It has a unique primate fauna with ten diurnal primate species including a significant chimpanzee Pan troglodytes vellerosus population and perhaps the largest population of drills Mandrillus leucophaeus remaining anywhere. A population of gorillas of uncertain taxonomic affinity is also present.

The area is threatened by commercial logging and commercial hunting, and the Ndokbou forest is currently a large scale logging concession.

Protecting this area’s habitat will not only ensure the survival of many endangered primate, mammal and plant species, but also contribute to the protection of biodiversity in this important area of the Cameroon Coastal forests.