Odzala Complex

The Odzala/Lossi/Pikounda/Ngombe/Ntokou complex is situated in northern Congo, and includes the Odzala-Koukoua National Park, the proposed Lossi Sanctuary extension, and a series of adjacent logging concessions. The Odzala-Koukoua National Park covers approximately 13,500 km² and is one of the most important strongholds for elephant and gorilla conservation in Central Africa, and one of the most spectacular wilderness areas in the world.

Specific threats to western gorillas in this area include Ebola, commercial hunting and commercial logging. This region has experienced at least three outbreaks of Ebola, the most recent of which is currently threatening great ape populations within the Odzala-Koukoua National Park and its eastern periphery.

Urgent attention needs to be focused on the epidemiology of this and future outbreaks and their likely impact on great ape populations, complemented by targeted research into potential control measures.