Cross River Gorillas

There are two separate sub-species of western gorilla which are the western lowland gorilla and the cross river gorilla. The cross river gorilla is one of the two types of subspecies of the western gorilla. It is found in the tropical jungles and forests of western and central African.

Generally, the cross river gorilla is found on the border between Nigeria and Cameroon. Among the great Apes, the cross river gorilla is also included. It has a number of features that makes it live in the jungle. The world’s rarest gorilla, of which fewer than 300 remain in their forest homes along the border between Nigeria and Cameroon, is receiving stronger protection from community groups that have joined together at sites where these great apes live.

The cross river gorilla is an omnivores animal however the majority of it’s diet is made up of eating fruit. They also feed on leaves, nuts and berries, insects, lizards and rodents. This has made it known to these types of gorillas for traveling long distances through the forest looking for what to eat. The cross river gorilla has also been observed using basic tools in the wild in order to gather food.

More so, due to its large size, the cross river gorilla has few real predators in the African forests with large cats such as leopards and crocodile being the only natural threat to the cross river gorilla. The biggest threat to the cross river gorilla is habitat loss caused by deforestation. Parts of their territory have been taken over by civil unrest, poaching to mention a few.

The cross river gorillas live in groups which are led and protected by the silver male. This male also mates with the females in his group producing generally a single offspring. The babies remain with their mother until they are a few years old to become independent.