Gorilla Trekking on Budget

Have less money but you would like to go on a gorilla trekking safari in Africa? Here is a guide to planning a budget gorilla trek in Uganda, Rwanda or DR Congo.

Full of amazing life lasting memories and natural attractiveness, gorilla trekking in Africa is ultimate adventure but isn’t always easy to arrange on budget. The adventure is also taken as one of the most expensive in the world but if you make a right choices of the trek, travel in right times and use right accommodations, it won’t be. If you dream of someday visiting Africa on a budget gorilla trekking tour, you don’t have to be a millionaire but just work it out right with smart gorilla trip planners and experts and your dream will come true.

Gorilla Permits

The Gorilla permit is always the main core of the trek. The cheapest gorilla permits are for Bwindi forest and Mgahinga national park in Uganda and Virunga National Park for Congo that range from $450 USD to $600 USD. However, it’s very easy to get a quick bus ticket to the gorilla park in Uganda and also arrange multiple rides to other attractions you will be interested in  if backpacking unlike in other. Depending on how many destinations you want to visit, a self drive car hire can work best than a private tailor made tour. But the other side is that Rwanda gorilla permits look pricy has the most short gorilla treks ever. Being short makes it cheap and affordable for those interested in Budget gorilla trekking tours.

Where to Stay

For Budget accommodations and hostels look no further than Uganda and Rwanda as long as you time your trip. Hotel rates vary but range between $5 USD- $15 USD per night a budget that can’t break your bank. One of the benefits of using hostels and budget accommodation is that you save as you enjoy because most them offer great services beyond price.

The list of good hostels in Rwanda and Uganda include, Kampala backpackers hostel, Bwindi backpackers lodge, fat cats hostel, Golden monkey hostel, Buhoma rest camp, Bwindi view bandas, gorilla friendly campsite, Youth hostel Rwanda, Kinigi guest house etc.

What Trips to Take

The most done budget gorilla treks are the

  • 3 days gorilla trekking tour
  • 2 days gorilla trekking tour Rwanda
  • 1 day gorilla trek Rwanda, and a
  • 5 day gorilla trekking tour in Rwanda & Uganda

Choosing one of the above trips is an assurance that you will spend less and experience more. Consider in mind that each trip is cheap but the experience is same of meeting gorillas in their home. Many gorillas’ families have been habituated and available for tourists daily provided one has a gorilla gate pass to see them.

Mornings for the trek are too exciting and ready for since it’s a dream come true in life on a life changing Africa holiday. Treks are manageable in both seasons despite the few rains that usually fall in months of April, May and November. But this can’t stop you from booking a gorilla trekking tour in  April, May or November because there are chances of tracking  at only $450 USD since Uganda  uses these months to promote gorilla travel. However, Uganda gorilla tours are the most cheapest since permits cost less than the usual price.

Food & Drinks

If you love eats, cheap ones are everywhere and you have variety to taste including local dishes but make sure you eat and clean restaurants to prevent health hygiene problems. Drinks and eats in restaurants cost between $5-$10 dollars and some run promotions on weekends especially Saturday and Sunday. Soft drinks like sodas, wines, beers make a perfect cool off especially on a hot day. However, every gorilla tour  include many of the safari highlights ,such as the Uganda Equator, Batwa people, Golden monkey trek, Ibywachu cultural village, Dian Fossey tomb, Kigali city, Kampala city, and many more.

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