Honeymoon Safari with the Gorillas in Africa

There is nothing more exciting than taking a gorilla trek during your honeymoon or anniversary. Many people always look out for something new to do during their holiday. After consulting our Africa safari expert, we were recommended to take a safari through Eastern Africa. We later found out that tracking the endangered mountain gorillas on our honey moon was the most exciting adventure.

Planning a Honeymoon Trip

Many people who have just married get confused when deciding on where to spend their honey moon! From choosing the right destination to choosing which adventure activity to be included in your holiday is quite confusing. It’s very important to spend your honey in a place you’ve never been. It is also advisable to plan your honeymoon together with your partner well in advance! If you are like me and would like to spend this time in Africa, you also need to work out your travel plans well in advance with a reliable tour operator or safari expert. You must know that your honey moon is such a special moment in life very difficult to forget, so we are all much concerned to plan it in a special way and enjoyable.

With our travel planner, we were given various options to choose from. We were give a choice to include gorilla trekking in Uganda on a 12 Days Safari that included Kenya & Rwanda. Though most people think leisurely activities like game viewing are as absolutely the best things to do, we looked at having a more active holiday! That’s why we included gorilla trekking, a more active adventure so that we can have what we regarded as the best honey moon safari! Indeed East Africa as a destination offers one the best safaris in Africa with very many incredible attractions that can be included in an itinerary.

Gorilla Trekking

Spending your honey moon with the gorillas in the Bwindi impenetrable national park in the south western part of Uganda and or Volcanoes national park in Rwanda (north western part of Rwanda) is a memorable lifetime experience! It is the best thing to do on such a great day in your life. These two nations are a home to the endangered mountain gorillas – only 900 mountain gorillas are left in the world! These great apes are found in only Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Spending some time with these gorilla species deep in the forest is truly rewarding. We used a tour operator to organize everything – booking gorilla permits, organizing transport and also the accommodation part of your safari. There are many other adventures in Uganda or Rwanda! You can include other adventures to make sure that something special is organized for you! It is also advisable to check out the given lodges for your overnight stay that have been included in your holiday. This is always a surprise to spice up your stay in Uganda or Rwanda.

Gorillas are fabulous fan to watch in their natural habitat as tracking involves moving deep into the forest with a ranger guide in a group of other eight members who are allowed to track these giants in each gorilla group, trekking also involves having an encounter with other forest dwellers like primates species, birds of different species, plant and butterfly species, all these makes the trek very interesting and the ranger guide will be there to give you all the necessary information on any forest species you meet on the way during the search, and ounce these apes are met you are strictly allowed one hour while with these giants.

On your honey still you can mix the love of gorillas with other wildlife as from Bwindi impenetrable national park to queen Elizabeth national is just about 3-4 hours’ drive as you will be fortunate to meet the rare tree climbing lions in the Ishasha sector of the park, this is amazing and it will make your honey moon safari more amazing, other animals that you will come across include elephant, buffaloes, antelope species among others. However much, trekking with the gorillas of Uganda or Rwanda the gorilla tracking experience on such a great day in life remains the same. For any honeymoon safari including gorillas, we take the lead. Book with us any gorilla safari we shall give you the best.

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